WEXA is the Wisconsin Extension Association. Its members include all Wisconsin counties, specifically the agriculture and extension education committees in those counties. The committees are established pursuant to Section 59.56, Wis. Stats. 


The primary purpose of WEXA shall be to provide a forum for the consideration of problems and policies of concern to the committee of the county board of each county in the state responsible for extension programs in the county, including those programs carried out under Section 59.87 (section 59.56, under revised statutes) and Chapter 92 of the Wisconsin Statutes. These committees are referred to as county extension committees. 


Additional purposes include providing leadership in the identification and initiation of new extension programs in rural and urban areas and in carrying out existing programs; providing leadership and counsel to county extension committees and to administration of the University of Wisconsin-Extension in relation to policies and programs, budgets, staff, office space and facilities; encouraging local county and county board participation in extension programs; providing leadership in obtaining local financial support for extension work; facilitating communication between county board representatives with respect to county extension programs; providing leadership on legislative matters affecting extension and acting as a liaison between state and county representatives and other public officials. 


WEXA member counties are organized into 2 regions (Northern and Southern Extension Regions) consisting of three or four multi-county areas in each WEXA District. The Officers of the WEXA districts constitute the board of directors of the statewide organization. The board of directors elects its own officers. 


In September of 2018, the administrative needs of WEXA were assumed by the Wisconsin Counties Association (WCA). WCA now provides the administrative services and support to meet the needs of WEXA and will assist and provide logistical support for WEXA board meetings and conferences. Extension will continue to provide support for educational programming and content at WEXA Conferences.